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W Club @ Mont Kiara, KL
24 March 17


Why I choose W Club in stead of OSS? My instinct is more famous equal to more expensive and girls demands more. Getting there is pretty easy, W Club located at Solaris Mont Kiara. I found a parking lot in front of Saltlick, parking fees is RM 15. When you walk pass Saltlick, then OSS and you can see W Club.


W club have a nice interior design which is triple stories facing the stage. We picked the highest floor, a middle table that facing the stage. We like the 3 floors design which you won’t be block by other people during enjoying Live Band performance or pretty model on stage; we don’t like to choose table too close to stage, seems like everyone from behind watching at us. A Thai waitress served us and we ordered 2 tower of beer due to the promotion. We start to scope those PR around us, there were numerous of pretty PR surround us, but we count tell total how many PR in W Club due to triple stories.


The waitress start to pull her Thai friends over after pour us beer. We chat a bit and play dice. After sometimes, they told us got 4 Korean PR just came. We get very excited and call them to pull those Korean PR to our table. The waitress is good, she able to pull 2 come over. However may be due to language barrier, the environment start to get awkward…  they are not really pretty plus they barely know English…

Time flies, is time for flower and tequila. My personal feel that they are less aggressive yet demanding, however we still gave each of them 1 set of tequila. As usual after finish the tequila they start move to other table. Left the Thai waitress behind with the sad Thai song played by the band. The Thai band performance is average. After a while we all agreed leave and to move to massage. We left before 12am…


Overall experience with W Club is ok. They got nice environment to drink, however with the girl’s less aggressive yet demanding attitude, average DJ and Live Band performance, overall entertainment is ok ok only.



For More Information about W Club, please click here

My PlayPlay rating,

Environment ★★★★★ – Nice environment
Music ★★☆☆☆ – Average Live band DJ, nothing suprice
Value for money ★★★☆☆ – RM 99 per tower
PR Quality ★★★★☆ – They got number of good looking PR
PR Quantity ★★★★☆ – Din’t count but I think got around 50
PR Hospitality ★★☆☆☆ – Average hospitality but less aggressive
Manager Hospitality ★★★★★ – Good hospitality and always come to cheers with us
Overall Entertainment ★★☆☆☆ – Credit for Korean PR

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