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Mr PlayPlay visited
M20 @ Greenhall, Penang
29 Apr 17


Firstly I would like to express about how much I like M20 concept. “M20 has a new concept in dining and winery and entertainment” (quoted from M20). M20 is a cosy restaurant/bar with great environment that you can bring your family or girlfriend to have nice dinner there, but this is not I wanna say in this post. The highlight of M20 is after dinner time, M20 turn into a very happening place.

Getting there is pretty easy, just 1 road beside Esplanade Penang and there have plenty of free parking place. M20 is a nice building like a boutique hotel. When we go in the place is pretty crowded but helpful waiter still manage to get us a table that far from stage. Is a Bangladesh or Nepal “waiter” so make us a bit disappointed. Nevertheless we still order a towel of Tiger at RM 100++ and a bottle of house wine at RM 120++.


While waiting for the beer to come, we start to scope those PR surround us, got around 10 model type PR and around 5 waitress type PR. After around 10 mins, another waitress brought our beer and wine come. As usual, after pour beer and wine for us, she left to other table. Surpisingly the house wine taste very good. In following 30 mins, we just enjoy the band performance. The Thai live band actually not bad, they sing mixture of Chinese, English and Thai Song.. On and off got waitress come to pour beer and go..

To let my time pass faster and not so boring, I try do eyes contact with PR surrounding me.. What I mean eyes contact is stare at the PR until they look at me, and control my lips to show her a naive smile, haha. Finally there is a drunk model type PR look at me, and cheers to me from another end of the club. I show her we got wine and ask her come to drink with us. Dear playmates, tell u guys 1 thing, a good trick to attract PR is treat them wine, those PR already sick with everyday drink beer and liquor.

And she came….


She is very open and start play game and make fun with us, and may be she is drunk, she entertain us well. She also pull PR from other table come. As usual, around 30mins, they ask for tequila.. and they expect 4 tequila, per shot is RM 25, which is total RM 100. That’s pretty expensive for club in Penang! My principle is if those PR can entertain us well I don’t mind to pay. And As Usual, after finish the tequila for a while, they start to move to other table or been call by other PR to other table, left the initial pretty and entertaining PR.

After that live band finish their first live band performance, is the DJ section and then is PR stand stage section. Minimum flower is RM 100 and crown is RM 300. Highest flower price in Penang! I only buy flower for that PR that entertain us most. I reject other PR that entertain us just a while although they entice us by their sexy post and electric eyes.M20-11

After that section, the PR come to accompany us a while and we decide to leave at 2am because we already finish our wine and beer. Overall experience with M20 is so so only. Pretty expensive, but most of the PR service bad and too materialistic, but I would say we are lucky that met 1 PR that is good at entertain us. I will be back to M20 may be due to that pretty and entertaining PR.


For More Information about M20, please click here


My PlayPlay rating,

Environment ★★★★☆ – Nice environment but small club
Music ★★★☆☆ – Nice live band, adequate DJ
Value for money ★★☆☆☆ – Expensive beer (RM100+ per tower), tequila (RM25) and flower (min RM100) plus demanding PR. 2 stars for good wine
PR Quality ★★★★☆ – Most of the model PR consider pretty, 4 stars due to some waitress type PR not so good looking
PR Quantity ★★☆☆☆ – Even small pub but low number of PR can’t meet demand of playmates
PR Hospitality ★★★☆☆ – Ok ok only. 3 stars for that good PR
Manager Hospitality ★★★★★ – Good hospitality and always come to cheers with us
Overall Entertainment ★★★☆☆ – Credit for the only good PR, good wine and good environment

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