Myplayplay is a place for people who like nightlife, enjoy drink, music and clubing with friends. The purpose of Myplayplay is to gather information on latest news, happening nightclubs/pubs and cheapest happy hour beer in town.

We had been travel to Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru (3 highest population city in Malaysia) to gather information for more than 150 happening pubs/clubs, but we need more information so that we all can figure out more happening club or get the cheapest happy hour drink.

Have you been to a nightclub/pub, the whole drinking section, atmosphere that give you unforgettable feel? Please share in Myplayplay! You are feel free to comment in Myplayplay about the Atmosphere, Music, Alcohol Price, Crowd, Manager/Waitress Hospitality and most importantly your Feel towards the pub/club.

Despite of Nightclub/Pub category in Myplayplay website, we added a Spa and Massage category. This is due to we prefer to go to Massage after a drinking section, also a way to enjoy our nightlife.

Thru Myplayplay, we hope that everyone can extend your nightlife enjoyment, and also share your enjoyment or best nightlife experience with everyone in Myplayplay.

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